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It is No secret that events and developments of the recent past in Iraq have generated a climate of uncertainty and brought about the need to accommodate some special requirements of indigenous knowledge and experience that may be peculiar to the Iraqi market.  

Aljawda is a pioneering provider of consultancy and support services to foreign companies operating in Iraq. Since its establishment in 2005 as Iraq's pioneering service provider. The services provided are as detailed and as comprehensive as are the companies varied and multi-facetted. They range from the serious business of due-diligence, business intelligence as well as the crucial tasks of security and protection, and the basic job of staff selection and workforce recruitment, to such ordinary but imperative needs as furnishing, accommodation and daily catering.

Any serious attempt by foreign companies or investors at entering this market shall need to be established on a careful consideration of the following:

  1. Assessment of market possibilities and constrains.
  2. Investigation into the most favorable options available.
  3. Decision on what parts or aspects of the business load to outsource and how.

Aljawda management and board of senior consultants have developed over the years a philosophy that is best expressed by the Moto of the Company, which is:    “When in Iraq, Do what you do best… and we’ll handle the rest   This Moto encapsulates a strict commitment on the part of Aljawda not to be dragged into the temptation or inducement of business sharing such as entering into business partnerships or establishing agencies for the foreign companies with which Aljawda does business. In as much as Aljawda wants its clients to do what they do best, it also insists on doing what it does best.