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Consulting Services

Industry Legislations
Iraq has gone through a tremendous socio-economic transition, which cannot but leave an impact not only on the way the country is governed, but also on the rules, methods and concepts whereby it conducts business with the outside world. The corporate community, both local and international, is having to make adjustments relevant to the new developments in the Iraqi marketplace. Whatever the industry your organization involved in, you will still need to be aware of the changes in such areas as visa regulations, local and foreign staff recruitment, customs clearance, as well as company registration and physical presence on the ground. All of this is happening in a climate of heated political rivalry in a nascent democracy, not totally immune against the winds of violence and instability. At Aljawda, we make it our job to ensure that life becomes easier for international and regional organizations and companies doing business in, or with, Iraq. As Iraq's pioneering venture in this field, we have acquired a wealth of experience and established an incomparable standing in the field by insisting on expert handling of our clients' needs, professional transparency and prompt delivery.  It is all part of our motto: "When in Iraq, do what you do best, and we'll handle the rest".
Market research
Market research remains a prerequisite and a real must for any company entering a new arena or engaging in a new field of work. Iraq represents a new arena for most foreign enterprises, offering huge uncharted potentials for businesses in all fields and from all over the world. The Iraqi corporate scene is being naturally revamped due to the economic transition that the country has had to go through. The country is yet to catch up with international standards and establish the kind of reference pools and sources of information that would help new businesses and foreign companies draw their own charts and find their own ways about the country. They still need recorded information on all fronts, and market data is only one part of that unrecorded history. Companies entering the Iraqi market and those that are contemplating such a move, will need to be equipped with market data in many fields, from consumer habits, work ethics, and employment standards to legal aspects of labour legislation and business registration. Aljawda not only provides accurate information and professional advice in all these aspects, but also guides up the mountain of success and business achievement through every step of the way.
Cultural sensitivities
Iraq is a community famed for the depth of its history and the complexity of its diverse structure social fabric. It has often been described as a country not easy to enter or settle in at first glance, but a country very difficult to leave or forget once you have lived there and mingled with its people. Aljawda has taken it upon itself to draw advice from its wealth of knowledge about Iraq and its society and place it at the disposal of foreign companies operating in the country, sometimes in remote parts or in areas governed by special customs and socio-religious conventions. We regard it our responsibility to offer this advice with a view to avoiding such cultural mishaps, mistakes of conduct or errors of judgment that might turn out to be to the detriment of the foreign company's work and interest in the area, or even jeopardize the whole project for the country. 
Partner selection
In a market that does not have easy access to historical data records, it becomes an extremely difficult task to obtain background information on potential partners or any other commercial entity for that matter. Without information such as; payment patterns, net worth assessment, relationship base, profit and loss statements, it will almost impossible to determine weather or not a company is good enough to qualify as local partner. Aljawda possesses Iraq’s best commercial data-base that will enable your organization to make an informed decision on local partner selection.
Strategy assessment
Aljawda takes your Market strategy very seriously, but it will not be short on offering practical advices on how to adjust your strategy to the Iraqi climate, thus helping your organization to achieve maximum gain with the same effort and without using additional resources. Market trends, historical overview, prospective areas of improvement, potential competition weaknesses, and many other important related elements will always constitute fundamental concerns for a well considered strategy assessment in the Iraqi business world.
Market entry policies
Different markets have different Market entry policies. Iraq is certainly one that needs special understanding in this respect. Since our establishment as a service provider to foreign companies in Iraq, we have had the pride and pleasure of helping different companies enter this market with the least cost possible and highest gain achievable.