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Support Services

Either in hotels of different star-grades or in rented houses and apartments as desired by the clients, depending on our client's desire and requirements.  

Commuting Services (Vehicles) 
Limousines & Sedan cars, 2-door & 4-door pick-ups, 4-W DRIVES & SUVs, trucks cranes of all types and sizes, and vans & buses. Our clients are also offered the option of using our own experienced drivers.

Security & Protection
We use the services of a very reliable locally-based security firm, fully licensed by the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior (MoI) and reputed for the professionalism of its management and the experience and training if its workforce.

Travel Services
All local and international travel arrangements, including air-ticketing and hotel bookings are done through reputable travel agencies in Iraq and outside, ensuring both reliability and reasonable pricing.

Visa permits
Aljawda Provides diligent assistance in obtaining visa permits for the non-Iraqi employees and delegates or visitors from abroad.

Office Equipment
All kinds of equipment, tools and machinery, hardware and software items, office and recreation furniture, both local and international.

Legal Services
Our legal consultants are both in-house and external.   They cover a whole range of legal disciplines and activities, from company registration and foreign branch establishment to corporate contracting, business disputes and legal action.

Cargo Transport
We take care of all transport of goods between Iraq and other countries in the region, including Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and others. In this respect, our staffs are equipped to accommodate all types of truck loads, body, flat-bed, low-loader and the rest.

Customs Clearance & Cargo Storage    
We conduct customs clearance services at all Iraq border points, including Um Qasr, Safwan, Traibeel, Al-waleed, and Zakho, with an efficient network of storage facilities and cargo-handling operations in several parts and cities of Iraq.

Payroll and financial Services    
Our Finance Department conducts payment on behalf of the client company for whatever activities it requires in Iraq, including a monthly payroll of its local and foreign employees working within the country.

We use the services of reputable international insurance companies to health insurance for the client company and its staff. The insurance policies we arrange for our clients may cover not only life and medical needs , but also evacuation in situations of emergency

Conference services
Aljawda offers this service to companies wishing to organize their own specialized, sector-aimed or general conferences, workshops, seminars, lectures, product-launching events or press conferences.  Clients are welcome to use all, or any, of the assisting services that our expert team stands ready to extend, from choice of venue to accommodation and catering, from translation and interpreting to hall management, secretarial work and documentation.